m△rtian's parl◎r
/// St△rship Comf◎rt ///
compilation fleuve hiver 2017


« Comme nous avons passé beaucoup de temps sur terre, lors d'un exercice prophylactique pour les résident-e-s du "premier monde" alien, nous allons nous dépêcher de traverser les trois autres qudrants du carré sémiotique. Nous passons maintenant d'un lieu commun tropical vers un autre, de la terre vers l'espace, afin de voir quelle tournure notre voyage vers ailleurs peut prendre. »

Donna Haraway

/// partage avec tes collègues astronautes ///


ambient tribal garage psyche

1 Sunrise Ramuntcho Matta
2 a small voice Lucky Dragons
3 Comet LBH-6251876 The Martian
4 Private Scarab Reserve Club Tarzana
5 On The Wires Of Our Nerves Add N to (X)
6 Call Of The Nightbird Norma Lyon
7 Dreams of Jupiter Ex-Terrestrial
8 Reptile Enclosure, MIR Tarzana
9 Sin Titulo Esplendor Geometrico
10 #11 Toiret Status
11 Asian Amazons Japanese Telecom
12 Dimensions Perception Outer Space
13 Processione Sul Mare Tony Esposito
14 Rising Sun Japanese Telecom
15 In Secret Ron Morelli
16 Wet Bia Tian
17 Dino Harmonia
18 Symphony of the Sneaky Flutes Scherzo Allegro The Swirlies
19 Brown-Brown Cut Hands
20 Sike Ya Life Ras G
21 Period Carlos Giffoni
22 Heisse Lippen Cluster
23 Acid Tabla (Adrian Sherwood Mix) (feat. Adrian Sherwood) Suns Of Arqa
24 Special Effect TRS-80
25 Sequencer #1 Outer Space
26 Reptilian Space Beings Shapeshifting Bloodsucking Vampires Eric Copeland
27 DAT 912 In Aeternam Vale
28 Ye Olde MT-240 Your Planet Is Next
29 NECROPOLIS HIGHLIGHTS Eygptian Sports Network
30 The Jungle Dream Patrick Cowley
31 The Great Panic Puce Mary
32 Life Form Ends The Future Sound Of London
33 Lust Abandon (Powell Remix) Silent Servant
34 Point Emptyset
35 Magic Bullet(in) Black Pus
36 crying pyramid 角錐 Subaeris
37 Above A Desert I’ve Never Seen Six Organs of Admittance


abstract drone rnb trap

1 Japanese Trains Occult Orientated Crime
2 Story 2 clipping.
4 Candour Oceaán
5 Pulp Fur
6 Side B Troy Schafer
7 Hikari Foodman
8 Alluvial Fantasy [PHYSICS]
9 Boss Mackin' feat. A-1 Falcons
10 The Tie With The Most Stripes  Lemme Kno
11 Tangela 2 Love Through Cannibalism
12 January Tape Part 4 Cut Copy
13 Chorus Holly Herndon
14 Elis Sega Bodega
15 The Chess Sickness 1 Rene Hell
16 Au revoir Sam Tiba
17 Jester's Visage M.E.SH.
18 Echoic Kane Ikin
19 GoldenChevrolet Bones
20 Recovery Rival Consoles
21 Melancholy 4 Carl Oesterheit / Johannes Enders
22 Scouts and Spies Senking
23 Axis of Rotation The Future Sound of London
24 Heartbeats Priest
25 Big Wave Mount Bank
26 5 Seconds in the Future is a You Made of Pure Thought Sculpture
27 I Remember That Time (Low) AyGeeTee
28 When You Sleep Suicideyear
29 whatshedo SELA.
30 Maru Dai Dawn Nico Niquo
31 Aber Aber Jung An Tagen
32 Polyp Milieu
33 Like a Drum Roots Manuva
34 Offline Monolake
35 New Black Wave Shabazz Palaces
36 Maddalena Gabriele Mitelli
37 Interface Jota Ese
38 (Locked Groove) Dalgish
40 Palace Pyramid Vritra
41 Deliquescent_ Your Pictures Jesse Osborne-Lanthier (Noir)
42 Rite Vegetal AN
43 Taaritt Mamman Sani
44 Fahles Graz_ Farben presents James DIN A4
45 Evangelion Rock Coh
46 N.U. All-The-Way-Live At Kinda Cloudy February 2013 No UFO's
47 Immaculate Gunter Schlienz
48 Loopy Madness Michal Turtle
49 Long Way Away clipping.
50 Night Melody Rival Consoles


Chapitre III STEREOSATURNFANTASYSHIP Florent Loulendo (SaturneVille)

electronic hip-hop soul beats

1 Entrailles SaturneVille
2 Clear Cybotron
3 Man or Machine AUX 88
4 Arc of a Journey Broadcast
5 To Tell a Lie Leila
6 Cosmic Travelling Onra
7 Water on Mars Alaska Black Punk
8 Love Was All Around SaturneVille
9 Volcano(Four Tet remix) Antipop Consortium
10 Twothesme  4HERO
11 10 levers de soleil SaturneVille
12 Neptune Motorbass
13 Livin' Astro Kool Keith
14 Tea Leaf Dancers Flying Lotus
15 It makes sense SaturneVille
16 Recent Bedroom Atlas Sound
17 I Cancelli Della Memoria Franco Battiato
18 Living Dub The Bug
19 Glass Hammer Alaska Black Punk
20 Emerald Butterfly The Pharcyde
21 Eight 4HERO
22 Salt Arto Lindsay
23 Superflight Chateau Flight
24 L.A. 2078 SaturneVille
25 Ridiculoid Cannibal Ox
26 Big Booty Express J Dilla
27 365 Dawah Diaspora
28 Fridge Magic Mogwaï
29 Rocket #9 Zombie Zombie
30 Paper Drone SaturneVille
31 Ana Na Ming (La Funk Mob remix) Salif Keita
32 The Suture The Future Detroit Grand Pubahs
33 Machines Pt.1 Dabrye
34 Prolonged Approach Adeus Senhor F
35 Fly/Drive Aetherlone
36 Duet Howie B
37 Bill Viola SaturneVille
38 Requiem Para One
39 Racines Emmanuel Trep Kormann
40 Crystal du centre de la Terre SaturneVille

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